Welcome to IIT Dharwad! The purpose of this website is to introduce incoming freshers to life at IIT Dharwad. Explore and make use of this website to know more about your new college environment and your department. The website has been set up under the Student Mentorship Program.


It is most probable that you have spent the last two or three years appreciating the beauty of physics, chemistry and math. Toiling for years over a hoard of problems to get through this prestigious examination, JEE, hasn't been easy. Our IIT family would like to congratulate all the aspirants who were able to make it to an IIT. Entering into IIT Dharwad would be a huge accomplishment to your academic career as it will change your perspective of academics. Here at IITDh, you could choose to explore courses from various streams and dive to the depth of the field once the basics are covered. The faculty members here expose you to the latest technological developments going on in the world and inspire you to challenge more problems. So we heartily welcome you to the world of new technologies, ideas and inventions!


The undergraduate curriculum at IIT Dharwad is modelled after the curricula of IIT Bombay which is truly one of the most exciting and versatile in India.

The academic year is divided into two semesters, namely Autumn and Spring. There are eight semesters in total. A certain number of credits/courses needs to be completed each semester. Based on your performance in exams, you will be assigned a grade at the end of each course which will be relative( IITDh follows relative grading) based on which SPI for each semester and CPI for the entire year will be calculated.

Exceptional performance in a course can even earn you the highly valued AP grade in that course which is often very rare. Attendance policy at IITDh is very strict. If a student does not meet this specific requirement of the attendance (80%) , the professor awards them an ‘DX’ grade, which means one will have to repeat the course. So be regular in attending the classes:)! FR grade is awarded when a student is unable to achieve the minimum cut-off marks in a particular course. Finally if you have backlogs, you need to repeat the courses.


  • B.Tech. programmes are offered by the departments of Computer Science and Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Engineering Physics, Maths and Computing Engineering, Chemical and Bio Chemical Engineering, and Civil and Infrastructure Engineering.
  • Master's Degree: The institute has initiated a Master of Science (MS) by Research Programme in 2019.
  • Doctoral Programmes: There are also Ph.D programs offered in seven disciplines under the respective faculty members.

What is unique about the B.Tech Programme at IITDh?

  • Hands-On Engineering: quick exposure to the latest/advanced technology/tool without compromising on the basic/required understanding.
  • Holistic Learning Approach: IIT Dharwad believes in exposing young minds to a wide array of experiences that shape and reinvent their outlook to the world. A young student would find multiple creative and critical avenues on campus to explore such as Clay Modelling, Film Making, Astronomy Nights among others, that intend to expand the boundaries of learning itself.
  • Diversified Curriculum through One-Credit Courses: The Institute blends engineering, science and social science courses with short courses from performing arts, visual media, language communication and fine arts.
  • Co-Op program: In this program, a student is allowed to do a project under the supervision of a faculty member at IIT Dharwad and a mentor from an industry.

Branch Change

Students above 8 CPI (General Category/OBC) & 7 CPI (SC/ST) with no backlogs after 1st year, are eligible to apply for branch change after the completion of the first year i.e., two semesters and before start of semester three. Consequently, of all the applications for branch change, students are shifted to applied branches on Merit Basis. This year, 15% seats can be increased per branch for branch change. Detailed conditions and rules regarding branch change would be provided by the academic staff at the end of first year.

CPI Calculation

At the end of each semester, the weighted average of grades with credits of that particular course yields the SPI (Semester Performance Index) for that particular semester. The weighted average of SPI with the total credits of the semester yields the CPI (Cumulative Performance Index) for all the completed semesters.

Faculty Advisor

For each Academic Year, a faculty advisor is introduced for each branch separately. They are the connecting link between students and faculty of the respective branch. IITDh’s curriculum is widely in the students’ favour and is student-friendly. Faculty advisors take constant feedback about the courses and strive to improve the course structure accordingly. In short, the faculty advisor is the student's friend, philosopher and guide.
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It is in good faith that we believe IIT students stand out from the crowd. Academic integrity is one of the core values the IIT Dharwad family believes in. All the students here are expected to adhere to high standards of code of conduct, failing to which punishments are strict and are of varying magnitudes depending upon the severity of the offence.