Campus Life

Welcome to IIT Dharwad! The purpose of this website is to introduce incoming freshers to life at IIT Dharwad. Explore and make use of this website to know more about your new college environment and your department. The website has been set up under the Student Mentorship Program.

Inside Campus

Our temporary campus accommodates a fully functional academic building, hostels, a gymkhana, workshops, fields and much more. The academic building is 3 stories high. There is a well stocked library with all the necessary books. There are well equipped labs for various disciplines which include two Computer labs, a Physics Lab, a Chemistry Lab, a Fluid Dynamics Lab, a Mechanical Workshop, a Strength of Materials Lab, a Heat Transfer Lab, a Measurements Lab, Electronics Lab, Electronics Power Lab, etc. As more courses are being introduced, labs are being established. There is a small canteen in the academic building. It is officially supposed to be open till 10:00 pm, but it usually closes much earlier. There is also a night canteen in the Bhoopali building which will be open till 2:00 am.

Nearby Places

IIT Dharwad's location, being on a National Highway means that there are multiple places nearby to eat and hang out. While there is ample to do, we'll be only covering food and let you explore the rest.


First of all, there is a Cafe Coffee Day opposite our campus. Near the Cafe Coffee Day is Hyderabadi Biryani Restaurant. The biryani here is excellent and reasonably priced. Another nearby place is Roti Ghar. It is a pure-veg restaurant. The food is good and fairly priced and the place is hygenic. A little away from the campus (around 4km towards Dharwad) there is a vegetarian cafe called Seven Beans. It can be reached by cycle or by taking a tum-tum. It is a board game cafe where you can play Jenga, Snakes and Ladders, Ludo etc while eating. It also has a pool table. Around a kilometer away, there is Malabar, which is a non-veg restaurant. Also around 8-9 km from the campus is a hotel called Dwarwata. The restaurant serves both veg and non-veg food. It is a bit highly priced but the food is good. There is also a rooftop place.

Dharwad City

There is a Dominos in Dharwad. Chilly Chow and Royal kitchen are the other good restaurants in Dharwad. CrossRoads Bistro is another small meet up place with delicious ice-creams.


Hubli, AKA Huballi, can be easily reached now via the BRTS (Chigari) bus service. It is a chain of air conditioned buses connecting Hubli and Dharwad. It starts from the New Bus Stand in Dharwad. The frequency of buses is very high and the bus stations are clean and sophisticated. The cost of the ticket is around Rs. 25. Hubli being a larger city than Dharwad has a lot more to offer. There is a very scenic lake called lake Unnakal which has a garden on its banks (not highly recommended though). There is a mall called Urban Oasis which has a multiplex within it. Near this mall there is also Barbeque Nation. There is a decently sized decathlon in Hubli with a small concrete turf/basketball court which can be booked. There is also a much larger choice of places to eat in Hubli in general.


A lot of you would surely be leaving your house for the first time while others may know a little about hostel culture. In any case a good hostel culture and atmosphere is only going to boost your morale at all times, be it during exams or a festival celebration. At IIT Dharwad the hostels provided are among the best ones among all the IITs (maybe because they’re quite new). The first year hostel is located right beside the academic building (so you can just wake up and run to your class). All other hostels are located 1.4 km behind at the far end of the campus along with the sports grounds and the famous Bhoopali building which houses the gymkhana, mess, a night canteen, etc. The first year hostel is a co-ed hostel with the ground floor housing the Girls’ Wing, the Keeravani Mess and the lobby and TV area. Boys are allocated rooms on the first and second floors. There is 24/7 security in front of all the hostels.

Hostel Allocation

Hostel rooms will be allocated to the first year students’ prior to their registration. The keys of the respective rooms would be provided to the students right after their registration on the reporting day. The first year students’ hostel (also known as Keeravani Hostel, yes it is named after a raga in classical music) has 3 floors with every room accommodating 4 students (yes, there’ll be bunk beds which are fun :P).

Basic Amenities

Each room has a pair of bunk beds (4 beds), tables, chairs, cupboards, ceiling fans, tubelights and are equipped with 24x7 high speed internet connectivity. Rooms have attached washrooms with 24x7 running water. There are geysers in the washrooms and there is availability of hot water according to a time table (which you will find on the hostel notice board). Washing machines (4 to be precise) are also available on the ground floor, timings for which again will be available on the notice board. The Keeravani Hostel has its own mess (dining hall), water coolers, TV room and indoor games like Table Tennis, Chess and Carrom.

Hostel Activities

There are a plethora of activities that go around in the hostels which makes life fun. A variety of festivals like Holi, Ganesh Chaturthi, Dussehra, Diwali, Makar Sankranti, Teacher’s Day, Women’s Day etc. are celebrated in the hostels, along with flag hoisting on Republic Day and Independence Day, keeping the atmosphere in the hostels vibrant and lively the entire year around. Do participate in whatever intrigues you, of course after having devoted enough time to academics. It helps you in breaking the ice and socializing with your batchmates and seniors as well.

Hostel Council

All the hostel affairs would be dealt under the supervision of the General Secretary Hostel Affairs (GSHA, whom you will get to know in your orientation programme). There is a Hostel Secretary for each hostel along with room representatives to make sure all the odd jobs of the hostels are taken care of. Each hostel has its own warden who will be your point of contact for all the issues you are facing in the hostel, which will be announced during the orientation programme. All important contact numbers are displayed on the notice board of the hostels. There will also be a separate mess committee (comprising the first year students) for the Keeravani Mess. There will be a separate Sports Secretary & Cultural Secretary to look after respective matters among the first year students. As far as the apex council is concerned, we have General Secretaries for Sports Affairs, Mess Affairs, Cultural Affairs, Academic Affairs and Hostel Affairs who look after respective matters for the whole institution.

PS: All hostel buildings and the famous Bhoopali building at IIT Dharwad are named after ragas of classical music (along with a number starting from 0 for the Keeravani Hostel) showing the cultural background of Dharwad as a birthplace of legendary musicians.

Internet and Cellular

Life without the internet is possible, right? Well think again. From receiving mails/study material to uploading your Instagram stories, the internet is one thing you need to sort out ASAP to avoid getting a FOMO. The entire campus of IIT Dharwad is WiFi enabled. Just turn on your WiFi and connect to IITDh-Wireless or eduroam with your LDAP ID (roll number) and password (you will be provided with all relevant instructions). We have a 100 Mbps bandwidth from National Knowledge Network (NKN) and additional 100 Mbps bandwidth from BSNL. This enables blazing fast internet connectivity for every device. There are two computer labs in the academic building where you can access the WiFi as well as the LAN. Just go to , login your LDAP ID and password, and you’re good to go. The ground floor computer lab is available 24x7.

We have a 100 Mbps bandwidth from National Knowledge Network (NKN) and additional 100 Mbps bandwidth from BSNL. This enables blazing fast internet connectivity for every device.

There are two computer labs in the academic building where you can access the WiFi as well as the LAN. Just go to , login your LDAP ID and password, and you’re good to go. The ground floor computer lab is available 24x7.


IIT Dharwad has an around the clock ambulance facility, sufficiently equipped to treat all the common ailments and for emergencies. Qualified doctors with various specializations also visit the campus. A physician is available on campus for an hour three days a week. A gynecologist and a physiotherapist visit the campus twice a week and a psychiatrist once every week. You can also get in touch with a senior counselor from YourDost, an Online Counselling and Emotional Wellness Coach, in the campus once a week. Students are taken to SDM College of Medical Sciences and Hospital, Dharwad in case of emergencies or when the doctors are not available on campus. You are also provided with a health insurance cover plan to cover all your medical expenses.