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    Welcome to IIT Dharwad! The purpose of this website is to introduce incoming freshers to life at IIT Dharwad. Explore and make use of this website to know more about your new college environment and your department. The website has been set up under the Student Mentorship Program.

    Technical Affairs

    Technical Activities (or Tech) will provide you with an opportunity to put the theoretical knowledge gained in classrooms into practical use. There are several clubs on the campus.
    • Astronomy Club: A place for all those who are curious about what lies in the dark cover of the starry sky.
    • Data Science Club: The club focuses on learning and developing state of the art AI. Currently, they devote their time to solving Kaggle problems and other similar AI challenges.
    • Robotics Club: Robotics enthusiasts from all branches meet up to create some.
    • The Coding Club: All problem solvers and coding geeks are welcome.
    • IIC (Institute Innovation Council): Got any startup and sparkling ideas and need help, here is where you come!
    • InGene: Interested in F1, this is the place that goes vr...oom.
    • Li-ion: Want to protect the environment, we make electric automobiles.
    • OSS: OSS is not a club, rather a community that seeks to unite all clubs in college to organize events and activities. We encourage equal participation from all branches and years in college to grow together as a community.

    Inter-IIT Tech Meet

    Inter IIT Tech Meet is the annual technological competition organized by IITs and qualifies as the only technical event where different IITs compete with each other enthusiastically. At the Inter-IIT Tech Meet, IIT Dh won Gold medal at the Schlumberger Coding Challenge. Other awards include:

  • Winner at the Coding Hackathon.
  • Runners-up at the Innovation Challenge
  • Second runners-up at Route Optimization Algorithm Event
  • 4th position at the UAV Fleet Challenge

    A Paradigm Shift, is the first edition of the Technology Festival of IIT Dharwad, which aimed to bring together the unparalleled experience of magnificent technologists and the innate curiosity of passionate students by providing a common platform to showcase their expertise and hone their skills. While there is no doubt that technology has taken magnanimous leaps in the past decades, this fest aspires us to see progress in future.


    So you thought it was all about academics? Wrong! We have a very active intra-college scene, with genre specific clubs and plenty of hostel and insti-level events all year round. The scene is basically split into music, Photography & Fine Arts, Speaking/Debating, Literary Arts, Photography & Fine Arts, Dance, Dramatics. So, buckle up and get ready to explore yourself on this amazing ride with us :)!

    Cultural Clubs

    • Dramatics Club: Hunting for hidden talent, this club welcomes all the actors and script writers out there.
    • Eunoia - Literary Club: From organising debates to open mic events, they’re working hard to get the hidden talents out of the fellow students.
    • Foreign Languages Club: You can enroll into one of the regular workshops organised for different languages, for example: Japanese and Russian.
    • Photography Club: You packin'; something bigger than this lens? It is for all those who have this unique passion.
    • Quiz Club: Organizing weekly quizzes, they’ve sworn to polish up that general knowledge of yours.
    • Rhapsody - Music Club: You will find them performing on any of the special occasions throughout the year. They’re as melodious and enchanting as you could imagine.
    • Short Film Club: We might just win the Cannes Festival one day xP

    Inter-IIT Cultural Meet

    The Inter IIT Cultural Meet is an annual competition for cultural events, seeing participation from students across IITs in India. Every year, students of IITDh, the clubs and its members participate enthusiastically and compete with other IITs. Getting to represent IITDh in the cultural meet is an honor and is definitely worth giving it a try! We won the Gold Medal in the English Creative Writing Competition in the 2019 cultural meet. The dramatics team finished in 6th place in the Stage Play (out of 39 participants).


    Excellence in sports is a direct index of the stature and intellectual maturity of an institute. All the facilities are helmed by seasoned training staff so that even beginners have a beautiful chance to learn the craft and their more experienced counterparts can receive the requisite guidance. IIT Dharwad offers its students the following sports facilities:

    Besides, every hostel has dedicated table tennis and board games and is completely decked with various equipment which can be issued by students.

    Sports for everyone

    To ensure a healthy continuity of this tradition the Sports Council organises a multitude of sports and fitness camps that vary in the degree of professionalism (amateur, intermediate or advanced) as well as the rigor of instruction. The Government of India, through the National Sports Organisation, mandates that all incoming freshmen must undergo a structured training in a sport of their choice. At IIT Dharwad, NSO forms an integral part of the curriculum and classes are offered in a student’s sport of choice.

    The Government of India, through the National Sports Organisation, mandates that all incoming freshmen must undergo a structured training in a sport of their choice. At IIT Dharwad, NSO forms an integral part of the curriculum and classes are offered in sports with biweekly instruction.


    At the institute level itself, a steady string of competitive events is organised throughout the year with tournaments on conventional sports, upcoming games as well as their modern improvisations.

    Inter-IIT Sports Meet

    IIT Dharwad Sports contingent has been participating in the Inter IIT Sports Meet since 2016, having secured its first medal in Para-power lifting in 2018. IIT Dharwad with a strong contingent of 87 players participated in the ensuing Inter IIT Sports Meet which was held at IIT Kharagpur and IIT Bhubaneswar in the month of December 2019. Representing IIT Dharwad at the Inter IIT Sports Meet is the ultimate honor for any student at the institute. Each year, one of the seven older IITs host contingents from the other IITs, with players in their quest for glory competing fiercely to lift the coveted trophy. Getting to represent IIT Dharwad at this event in the first year itself has to be a matter of great honour and pride for any freshman (If you are good enough, you are sure to get a chance!).