Is it Necessary to have a cycle in First Year at IIT Dharwad? arrow_drop_down

Ans. No, First Year Students do not require to have a cycle. First Year Hostel(Hostel Keervani) is beside the academic Building which is less than 100m away.

Is it compulsory to have a laptop in First Year? arrow_drop_down

Ans. No, It is not compulsory to have a laptop in the first year. We have a Computer Lab which can be accessed 24/7.

Do we have to bring Soaps and Detergent with Us? arrow_drop_down

Ans. No, On the first day we will have a shop open which will have all the essential things like Books, Pens, Combs, Mattresses etc.

What is the academic structure at IIT Dharwad? arrow_drop_down

Ans. The academic load of any student at IIT Dharwad is split across semesters. One semester is usually 4 months long and comprises 4-5 courses (you can take extra electives of your choice in senior years). The courses have credits associated with them and you get a grade for these courses. Your final performance in a semester or at the end of your degree depends on your grades in the courses. To calculate your Semester Performance Index (SPI) every semester, SPI = summation of credits*grades for all courses divided by the total credits in the semester. This calculation is done for all courses and then a Cumulative Performance Index is calculated based on all courses done till that day. The first year generally comprises courses related to basic maths, physics and chemistry and provide a toolkit to tackle department specific courses. Second year onwards, the courses tend to be department specific and a person can also take up extra courses in addition to their regular courses.

Is attendance compulsory at IIT Dharwad? arrow_drop_down

Ans. The institute mandates 80% attendance in courses. Violation of this will earn you a DX grade which means you will have to repeat the course.

If I have some issues related to the hostel rooms whom to contact? arrow_drop_down

Ans. There are hostel wardens who take care of all your hostel rooms related issues. You will have meetings with your wardens monthly.

How about cleanliness and organization of the room? How frequently is our room cleaned? arrow_drop_down

Ans. The room will be broomed and sweeped on a daily basis.

Where do we stay on coming to IIT Dharwad? Where can our parents stay? arrow_drop_down

Ans. Freshers who come to IIT Dharwad are allotted rooms in the keeravani hostel. The parents can stay either in hotels outside IIT Dharwad or other closeby areas. Note that there is no accommodation for parents at IIT Dharwad.

Where do we get the textbooks from? arrow_drop_down

Ans. You can issue books from the library at the academic block multiple times according to your preference and convenience.

How can one become a part of the clubs? arrow_drop_down

Ans. You can participate in events conducted by various clubs if you are interested, details of all the events which will be conducted by the clubs will be mailed to you. Details of the procedure to join the club are specific to different kinds of clubs and will be given to you once you enter IIT. You can find more information in the Extra Curricular Tab.