Welcome to IIT Dharwad! The purpose of this website is to introduce incoming freshers to life at IIT Dharwad. Explore and make use of this website to know more about your new college environment and your department. The website has been set up under the Student Mentorship Program.


In a few days, you will be joining IIT Dharwad and we can understand your excitement! While you spend these days contemplating whether you've made the right decision, we've compiled a primer to help address some of your queries and ease the process of joining. Some of you might have already gotten in contact with a few seniors in this regard. The Student Mentor Program has set up this website to ensure that this help is extended to everyone.

Things to bring

  • Buckets, mugs, pillows, mattresses and other basic items are sold on campus during the first few days.
  • Bring a warm blanket as winters here can get a bit chilly. Some warm clothing is also recommended.
  • Laptop is not required for the first semester (but better to bring along because it is the best time to enjoy and learn ;).
  • Also don't forget to bring your umbrellas and raincoats as it rains plenty here.
  • If you have a bicycle, feel free to bring it. However, you can always buy a new one from Dharwad at a decent price.
  • Do bring normal footwear like slippers/sandals. Sports shoes and socks would be required for NSO. Do bring your studs for football.
  • Finally, do bring an extension board/spike guard, as you might have access to only a single electrical socket.

How to reach campus?

IIT Dharwad is currently functioning from the transit campus within the Water and Land Management Institute(WALMI) which lies on NH 48 (PB Road) in Belur, 13 kilometers from the heart of Dharwad city, towards Belgaum.

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directions_car By Road

Since the campus is situated on NH 48 connecting Mumbai(546 km, 10.5-12 hours approx) and Bengaluru( 436 km, 8-9 hours approx), you can catch a bus to reach the campus from these places. The buses from these cities drop you right in front of the campus if you ask for a request stop.

train By Rail

Dharwad is connected to all the major cities of the country like Bangalore(428 km), Mumbai(559 km), Delhi( 2127 km), Kolkata(1931 km), Chennai(832 km) and Hyderabad( 683 km) by rail. Twenty kilometers away from Dharwad towards Bengaluru lies Hubballi, a major railway junction providing better connectivity.

flight By Flight

There are three airports located near the campus – Hubballi Airport(30 km), Belgaum Airport(75 km) and Dabolim Airport, Goa(166 km). While there are flights to/from Hubballi and Belgaum to all the major south Indian cities, the Goa Airport is better connected to all the major cities of the country.

* Tips

  • If you do get down at Hubballi airport, avoid taking the cabs at the airport; they charge way too much and you won’t really get any Taxi Cab service here. We suggest that you just walk out of the airport campus, and you will find plenty of buses going towards Dharwad which is cheaper.
  • If you travel by a train and get down at Hubbali Jn., take a Chigari (BRTS) bus from the station to reach Dharwad New Bus Stand. It is a one-hour journey from Hubbali Jn. to Dharwad New Bus Stop. From there, you could take another city bus or a tum-tum to reach the campus.
  • If you get down at Dharwad Railway Station, take a city bus to reach CBT or Jubilee Circle, from where you could catch another city bus to reach the campus.

From Dharwad to the campus:

You can get a bus from any bus stop in Dharwad to the campus(Ask for a Belgaum/Belur/ High Court/Kottur bus). There are also tum-tums(kind of big autos/Tata Magic) that ply between Dharwad and the campus(The bus fare usually ranges between Rs. 15-25 depending on whether you take a private or government bus. Tum Tums charge Rs. 10 or 15). Avoid taking autorickshaws to Dharwad as they greatly overcharge and do not go by the meter(They usually charge about Rs. 200-300 to take you to Dharwad). Bus takes around 15-20 mins while tum tums take around half an hour.

5N (green coloured bus to Belur),
Blue/white coloured bus to Kotur,
Blue/white or red coloured bus to High Court
Please ask for the stop at High Court (which is adjacent to the IIT Dharwad Campus)


IIT Dharwad ensures that finance is not a hurdle in education. It offers various scholarships like Merit-Cum-Means scholarship and Free Messing. More details can be found in the registration brochure.